Welcome to my kitchen

bread resized


Who doesn’t dream of those big beautiful kitchens you see on those TV cooking shows or in magazines. I know I have for years.
Many people that know me know I love to cook and often ask if I have a large chef’s size kitchen. Some are surprised when I say “No”. We live in an average North East suburban sized house with a standard 10 x 10-foot kitchen with minimal counter space. There isn’t even enough room for a small kitchen table, but maybe that’s because of the bookcase holding some of my favorite cookbooks. For many years I have managed to create tasty dishes for my family and friends proving that the size of the kitchen really doesn’t matter in order to make a delicious meal. Whether it is my own small kitchen or the one I grew up with, the kitchen has always held a lot of fun times and memories.

Weekends and especially Sunday’s are special for me, it is the one day of the week when I can enjoy being home and spend more time in the kitchen than any other day of the week. This is the day I usually plan meals for the workweek, check what I have in the cupboard and refrigerator, bake bread for the week’s lunches and prepare a dinner that is often more than the quick meals I prepare on a weeknight.

Won’t you please come and join me in my kitchen!



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