The Joy of Baking Bread – Overnight Artisan Bread


Why I bake bread
Sunday is bread baking day. There is only the three of us now so a large loaf is more than enough for making sandwiches the work week. When the rest of the family gets together I love to put out fresh bread or rolls with dinner.
Back in the 1990’s we had been given a bread baker as a gift from my parents the first Christmas the Automatic Bread Machine came out here in the US. My husband and I would bake bread every Sunday for the week’s lunches for our three children and ourselves. We would bring loaves of bread to friends and they couldn’t believe you could do this in a machine.
Being a working mom I didn’t really have the time to hone my skills making bread by hand but the Automatic Bread Machine gave me the feeling of what it would be like to stay at home and make fresh bread for the family.
As life changed, jobs changed, the children grew up and two moved out I stopped making homemade bread and would just buy a loaf at the store, it was a bit of a time saver if nothing else. I was working long hours with a long commute time so every moment was precious. With every slice of that package store bought bread I knew it didn’t even come close to what I could make at home. Homemade bread has a freshness you can’t buy at the grocery store. Store bought bread has preservatives and whatever else they add to the dough so it will last for weeks. Homemade bread only has what you put into it; so it needs to be used quickly. So when the time consuming job was no more this began to weigh on my mind once more. I decided to go back to those wonderful Sundays and the scent of bread baking. I still had the old ABM so I pulled out the old bread machine and started a loaf. Sadly it didn’t turn out well, the mixing paddle couldn’t handle the dough through the kneading cycle. So I retired the old machine and bought a new machine and I was off to making lovely breads on Sunday once more.
I eventually purchased a heavy duty mixer and began to learn to make other types of breads. I learned to bake rolls and dough that just made my heart sing after some weeks of practice. Italian bread, French bread, and buns.
I try and bake a different type of bread for the lunches each week, white bread, whole wheat, rye, pepperoni cheese, and egg to name a few. I’m learning to adapt my old bread machine recipes in my new deluxe bread machine. I belong to a great social media group for lots of ideas, sharing and help. Wish those existed years ago but happy to have them now.
If you’re not up to baking every week why not give one of those overnight artisan bread recipes a try.
By the way today’s bread: Sour Cream Sandwich bread.

Here is a link to a wonderful movie to get you started baking bread.

Crusty Bread – The Movie


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