Sunday Funday in the Kitchen – Roasted Chicken

I’ve never been one to make/serve the same meals on a weekly basis like pizza Friday’s or Italian sauce with pasta every Sunday. Sometime it’s fun to mix things up a bit from the traditional and try a new idea. What the heck!
So last Sunday I decided to just make a whole roast chicken. I searched around looking for something a bit different but a meal the family would enjoy so I came across a recipe called Bundt Pan Roast Chicken on one of those quick prep cooking videos. I put my own spin on it and substituted sweet potatoes for the Yukon golds and pretty much followed the recipe from there. My husband even doubled checked later in the day if I was still planning on giving this idea a try, his curiosity was stoked.
It was certainly worth a try, it was very easy to make and the meal was really delicious. Not too much different than roasting the chicken with the vegetable in a roasting pan but it was a meal that was enjoyed by all and we had a bit of fun mixing it up a bit.
So why not give it a try.

Here is the link below.
Bundt Pan Roast Chicken link






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