Time off to think…

I know it has been several months since I last posted, sorry about that. I was having a bit of a “writer’s block” as to what I wanted to say in my blog, I don’t live an exciting life and I’m not a chef so how interesting could this blog be, but maybe someone just might like to try what I have posted.
I just love to cook for my family, cooking is a part of who I am along with my other creative interests and I really just love sharing what I make and learn. I like to share with others how easy it is to prepare a really terrific meal and you don’t have to have a chef’s kitchen or having gone to cooking school to do it. It’s really is easy to ditch the weeknight fast food for dinner and prep a good meal in a short amount of time. Not every meal you make has to look like one from a restaurant. There is nothing more comforting than an all-in-one pot or skillet meal on a weeknight. Take out was a treat reserved for an occasional Friday or Saturday night at our house.
So with the time off I did some soul searching and thinking if I wanted to continue and decided I would try again and continue sharing what I love.

Thanks for listening.


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